(82 min., English, and Norwegian, Farsi, Swedish, and Chinese w/subtitles, Digital Projection)

This dazzling collection of new and award-winning animated shorts spans animation styles and the globe. A cat and a mouse carry on a dysfunctional relationship in a futuristic landscape. A Chinese monk sets out on foot with a tiger during the Tang dynasty and happens upon the giant Buddhas of Bâmiyân. Two blue-collar workers dissect the meaning of “normal” life as the world crumbles around them. A box of matches succumbs to the appeal of a cigarette. The films are DECONSTRUCTION WORKERS (Norway); AVERAGE 40 MATCHES (Turkey); BÂMIYÂN (France); PLEASE SAY SOMETHING (Ireland/ Germany); FLATLIFE (Belgium); SHE WHO MEASURES (Croatia); HOME ROAD MOVIES (United Kingdom); THE TALE OF HOW (South Africa); and NEVER LIKE THE FIRST TIME! (Sweden).