Mondays, 1:30 p.m., Dryden
Presented free to seniors (62+) on Monday afternoons through October. Beginning this March, our senior matinee screenings are fully incorporated into our regular film calendar. Cinematic classics from the George Eastman House collection will be presented in 35mm, the way they were originally screened and were meant to be seen. This series is made possible in part by the Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation and the Monroe County Office for the Aging.…. [read more]

The Dryden Kids series is designed to provide our youngest audiences and their parents with awareness that great entertainment is often also great art, and a remarkable tool for both understanding and finding our way in the world. Dryden Kids will run once a month on select Sundays throughout the year at 2 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Tickets for Dryden Kids screenings are $8 for general admission, $6 for members and students, and a maximum $25 family admission…. [read more]

In Glorious Technicolor, through April 19
Remember Mike Nichols, March 3-March 24
Moving Images of Man-Altered Landscapes, March 5-April 16
History Lessons, March 18-April 22
The Ambrosia of Our Lives: The Legacy of James Card, March 31-October 18
Dryden Kids, March 1 & April 5
House Treasures, April 29
Rochester Premieres
Senior Matinees
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To celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of Technicolor—the unique process that brought vivid “living color” to motion pictures—the Dryden Theatre is presenting a rare selection of films made in the company’s early two-color system and its later signature three-strip dye transfer process. Technicolor’s entrance into film history was preceded by long years of arduous development and testing, which eventually yielded the glorious palette of colors that could be modulated and transformed to suit any given project. Our program begins with the two films that sealed Technicolor’s preeminence in Hollywood: La Cucaracha (1934) and Becky Sharp (1935)… [read more]